Yerba Mate Tea Benefits Healthy Mornings

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yerba mate tea benefits

Do you want to know the yerba mate tea benefits for healthy mornings?

Yerba mate benefits healthy. It helps to lose weight, support against diabetes, helps the brain, has antioxidants among others.

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I will show you all the information you need about yerba mate in this article. I’m going to tell you what yerba mate is, how it is produced, how it is taken, what are yerba mate benefits in mornings, what is the best weight loss supplement that contains yerba mate and much more.

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What is yerba mate?

Yerba Mate Tea Benefits Healthy Mornings

It comes from a native tree of the Paranaense jungle, it can measure up to 16 meters, these plants are pruned approximately 2 times a year for harvest.

Millions of Argentines and Uruguayans make their infusions with yerba mate, these being the main consumers, getting to drink it anywhere in the world no matter where they are, it is a great tradition that they have.

Summary: It comes from a tree that can measure up to 16 meters, it is pruned twice a year, Argentines and Uruguayans are the main consumers, but now it is possible to find it in all parts of the world.

The Guaraní and Guaycurú populations have consumed it since ancient times and still continue to harvest it naturally in the tropical jungle.

However, the consumption of Mate has spread to different countries because now there are online sales and that it has many properties for health, for that reason it is now possible to find it around the world.

How is yerba mate produced?

It can be considered as a one hundred percent natural product since no chemicals are used in its processing and it typically consists of 4 steps, although they can be subdivided into additional steps.

They are as follows:

How is yerba mate produced?

Harvest. Within the harvest, germination is first carried out using seed until they reach 7 centimeters, achieving this height they are taken to nurseries for 10 months and after this time they are moved to the field.

When they are 4 or 5 years old it is time to start harvesting them, in April and September are the best months for this activity.

Summary: The yerba mate production process consists of 4 main steps, although within these steps there are other additional ones, the main steps are: Harvest, Temperature, Waiting time and Grinding.

Temperature. The leaves go through a 2-stage drying process to maintain their green color and prevent them from rusting.

The first stage is known as “sapeco”, which is very important to give the yerba mate flavor, intense heat is used for a few seconds to reduce the humidity of the leaves and leave them crisp. They are then baked for 8 hours at a lower temperature to finish the drying process.

Wait time. This process is known as “canchado”, which consists of a coarse crush and is left on hold for up to 2 years, this gives it the aroma, flavor and color that is required.

Grinding. Then it goes through a process of grinding and mixing in a uniform way, always looking for perfection, in this way its flavor is guaranteed, at the end it is packaged to be distributed and you can enjoy all its benefits in the comfort of your home or office.

How do you drink yerba mate tea?

It is typically taken in 3 ways.

  1. The traditional. With gourd known as mate or porongo, the herb is placed inside this gourd-shaped container, and water is poured at 80 ºC, left to rest for a moment and a straw or light bulb is used to enjoy it.
  2. Cooked in a saucepan. Sugar is added to taste and it is drunk like any other infusion.
  3. Tereré. This is consumed in very hot areas or in the summer, its preparation is very similar to the traditional one, but with the difference is that it is prepared with cold or very cold water.

Summary: There are 3 main ways to consume mate that are: The traditional one with pumpkin, cooked in a saucepan and tereré which is a cold drink.

Yerba mate tea benefits

yerba mate benefits weight loss

Yerba Mate helps you lose weight

According to studies, yerba mate has shown that it prevents the accumulation of new fat, as well as helps to reduce accumulated fat, so you can reduce your total weight. It also helps to satisfy your appetite to prevent you from consuming too much food.

Yerba mate helps to take care of your health since it eliminates the visceral fat that is the one that surrounds your organs and can cause diseases related to the heart system, diabetes among others.

Protects against diabetes

By helping you eliminate visceral fat, it reduces the risks of diseases such as diabetes, but not only that, but it also helps regulate insulin levels, thus also lowering blood glucose.

Brain Boost

It gives you greater focus plus additional energy, improves your memory, protects your brain, as well as reduces depression. There is evidence that it may also help protect against Alzheimer’s.

Summary: Mate has the following health benefits: helps to lose weight, protects against diabetes, brain boost, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, heart health.

Yerba Mate is Rich in Antioxidants

It protects you from free radicals because it contains a large amount of antioxidants, it protects against colon and breast cancer, although this requires further studies to confirm it.


It protects you against diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia, because it has anti-glycation actions, glycation being the cause of damage to the body’s proteins that cause these diseases.

Heart health

Yerba mate helps you improve heart health as it helps to dilate blood vessels, by opening them it allows blood to pass through in a better way, thus avoiding any obstruction that could bring you a heart problem.

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