What is Capsicum Annuum Products and Facts

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capsicum facts

Do you want to know What is Capsicum Annuum Products and Facts?

Capsicum also known as pepper contains capsaicin, which is the substance that makes you feel spicy and raises your temperature when you consume it, this substance is found in the seeds of capsicums and is the one that brings you many benefits for your health.

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If you want to know more about capsicum or peppers, I invite you to continue reading to learn what is capsicum, capsicum annuum products, capsicum facts, capsicum benefits to lose weight.

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What is the capsicum?

What is Capsicum Annuum Products and Facts

The pepper or capsicum is the name by which hot peppers are known, these include several types such as: habanero, chili, cayenne, jalapeños, serrano pepper, among many others.

Different types of capsicums or hot peppers contain capsaicin, this is the substance that makes you feel hot when you eat them. The amount of capsaicin that peppers contain will depend on their species.

Summary: The pepper is also known as capsicum, which are hot such as cayenne, habanero, jalapeños, serrano pepper among others. They are used in the kitchen of many countries, in addition to containing many health benefits.

Capsicums are used today around the world, in many cooking recipes, giving a special touch to the dishes, being liked by many lovers of spice, but it is said that its origin is in America.

Peppers have many properties and health benefits, which we will see in more detail in this article.

What is capsaicin?

Capsicum have many benefits mainly because they contain capsaicin, this substance can be quickly identified because it is what gives peppers the sensation of heat.

what is capsicum

Most peppers such as jalapeño, serrano pepper, habanero, cayenne, chili pepper, among others, contain capsaicin, except for sweet chilies or bell pepper, which are not hot due to the absence of capsaicin.

Capsaicin is found in the seeds of capsicum. Capsaicin is an irritant and produces burning when consumed, but the burning is not produced in the taste but rather in the nervous system, so what gives you is pain and not a taste.

Summary: Capsaicin is what gives the sensation of spicy in capsicum, most of the peppers that are hot contain this substance. Capsaicin is found in the seeds, the burning it produces is more a pain than a taste, sending a heat signal to the brain, trying to cool the body speeds up metabolism and heart rate.

The reason why we feel heat when consuming spicy is because when capsaicin reaches the RPTV1 receptor, which is a selective ion channel, it sends a heat signal to the brain, giving us the burning sensation, at that time the brain treats cool down the body causing the metabolism and heart rate to accelerate.

When that happens we usually start to sweat and the blood flow is faster as the body tries to remove the heat from the body. All this can bring us the benefit of burning more calories, which can be very helpful to lose weight.

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Capsicum facts and benefits

Capsicum facts and benefits for weight loss

Increase metabolism

As they contain capsaicin, capsicum or chili peppers increase body heat, thereby accelerating the metabolism, helping you burn more fat, as well as consuming a greater amount of calories in your body, which will help you lose weight.

The capsaicin contained in peppers is not by itself the solution to being overweight, but rather a supplement to diet and exercise to lose weight. If you want to lose weight quickly, we recommend that you follow these steps together.

Reduce appetite

Studies carried out showed that the consumption of capsicum that contains capsaicin managed to decrease the appetite in the people who took it, thus achieving that they consumed a lower amount of calories.

By consuming fewer calories, your body avoids the generation of new fat and can even burn the fat it currently has stored.

Summary: Benefits offered by the pepper. Increases metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger, is rich in antioxidants, relieves gastritis.

Rich in antioxidants

Capsicum contains red antioxidants, beta-carotene, green antioxidants, yellow antioxidants, among others depending on the type of pepper.

In general, antioxidants help protect your body from toxins and can be identified by the colors they give to peppers.

Capsicum to reduce pain

The application of capsaicin in the form of a cream can help alleviate the pain caused by arthritis, this is of great help for people who suffer from it since the medications used for this disease can be risky for health, and arthritis is a long-term illness.

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Classification of capsicum

The 5 best known varieties of capsicum.

Capsicum Frutescens. It is used primarily in Ethiopian cuisine, and in a large number of African dishes.

Capsicum Baccatum. Unlike other peppers, this one was brought from Europe to South America by the colonizers. These are shaped like tulips, the most famous of which is the yellow pepper.

Capsicum Annuum. It is better known as chile de arbol, it is native to both North and South America, The best known are the jalapeños, the Thai chile,

Capsicum Chinense. The best known is the habanero and it is native to Yucatan and the Caribbean islands, it is shaped like a small pumpkin and is one of the hottest.

Capsicum Pubescens. It is native to South and Central America, its name is because the leaves of the bushes have hairs.

Summary:There are mainly 5 types of capsicum: Capsicum Frutescens, Capsicum Baccatum, Capsicum Annuum, Capsicum Chinense, Capsicum Pubescens.

For its flavor: Sweet peppers, hot peppers.

They can be classified by their flavor being these:

Sweet peppers. Where the bell pepper is found, and the Italian green pepper, most of the time it is consumed raw in salads, but it is also common to find it cooked in different dishes. These do not contain capsaicin.

Chilli Peppers. These are spicy if they contain capsaicin and you can find different varieties such as serrano pepper, jalapeño, chili pepper, cayenne, among many others.

There are other types of classifications, for example for their use, which can be for canning or drying.

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