5 Supplements and Vitamins to Speed up Metabolism

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Supplements and Vitamins to Speed up Metabolism

Are you trying to lose weight but still can’t do it with diet and exercise?

Most likely, you are missing some of these supplements and vitamins to speed up metabolism.

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In this article I am going to show you which are the 5 best supplements and vitamins to boost metabolism.

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Why are vitamins and supplements necessary for weight loss?

If you have already tried different methods without being able to lose those extra pounds without success, or if at first you managed to lose weight, but there came a time where you stagnated without being able to lose more.

So this is the time for you to use the help of supplements and vitamins to boost metabolism.

Supplements give you the support you need to shed those last few pounds that are so hard to eliminate.

When you have already tried different methods to lose weight without success, it is time to help yourself with supplements to speed up your metabolism.

For this reason, in this article we bring you the best 5 vitamins and supplements to lose weight and accelerate the metabolism.

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Top 5 Vitamins and Supplements to Speed Up Metabolism

1. Zinc & Magnesium (ZMA)

zinc & magnesium ZMA

The combination of these ingredients gives you multiple benefits, being Zinc and Magnesium minerals.

It has been shown that athletes lose these minerals after their workouts and when they do not replace them they tend to fatigue more easily, on the contrary when they replace them they improve their performance in almost any type of sport.

Zinc in addition to helping with metabolism, also helps you strengthen your immune system so that it is difficult for you to get sick. while magnesium helps you reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Zinc improves your metabolism and strengthens your immune system, magnesium reduces fatigue and tiredness and vitamin B6 gives you energy. These ingredients together improve the natural production of testosterone and improve the performance of metabolism.

According to studies, the combination of these vitamins and minerals can improve testosterone production and it is well known that it contributes to muscle production, fat burning and libido.

Another benefit that you can get with ZMA is deep dreams, which will make you feel very vital when you wake up in the morning.

2. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B does not help you burn fat or burn more calories, but it does help you make better use of your food by converting it more effectively into energy.

Product Vitamin B Complex

One benefit that you will obtain immediately by consuming vitamin B complex is obtaining a lot of energy so that you can carry out your exercise routine with a lot of vitality and have additional strength to continue with your daily activities.

Vitamin B does not help you burn more calories or burn more fat, but it does help you convert your food into energy more efficiently. Therefore, it helps you prevent new fat from accumulating, as well as giving you a lot of energy.

With supplements such as “Vitamin B Complex, you will get vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 as well as Biotin and folic acid, so that you get 100% of your daily requirements.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar capsules

It contains acetic acid which increases the AMPK enzyme, according to scientific data this enzyme is responsible for burning fat and reducing sugar production.

The way in which sugar production decreases is by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and reaching the bloodstream, thus reducing sugar spikes.

Apple cider vinegar helps you burn fat and decrease the production of sugar in your body. Helps carbohydrates convert to glucose more slowly, lowering sugar spikes.

Apple cider vinegar also helps you to be full so that you avoid consuming extra food and it also reduces hunger between meals, with this you will consume fewer calories during the day.

The apple cider vinegar in capsules is taken 15 minutes before the meal, it is recommended to take 1 to 2 capsules a day.

4. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that help speed up metabolism when you are physically active or exercising. The presentation of extra strong green tea helps you even more to lose weight or maintain it according to your goal.

Green Tea Extra Strength

According to studies, green tea has thermogenic and antioxidant properties for that reason it is very effective in burning fat.

Green tea contains antioxidants in addition to having thermogenic properties, which helps you burn more fat.

In its beginnings it was in China and India where it was used, now you can find it anywhere in the world.

Other benefits that green tea provides are: reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, in addition to the fact that there is some evidence of being linked to the reduction of cancer.

5. Superba Boost Krill Oil

Krill Oil Superba Boost

It is superior in the world of Omega-3 since it is obtained in a pure and sustainable way, not only taking care of your health but also your environment.

Omega-3 not only help you reduce inflammation, inflammation being a high risk to your health, Omega-3 helps you balance your body, by doing so it improves your health and the risks are reduced.

The Omega-3 contained in Krill oil helps you deflate the cells of your body, inflammation can bring you health problems. Omega-3 helps balance your body.

Omega-3 helps you strengthen your heart and joints as well as support and protect your brain.

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