5 + 3 +1 Steps to Boost Your Metabolism

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boost your metabolism

Are you looking to kick start and boost your metabolism?

Metabolism is the process that happens to convert food into energy, when talking about boost your metabolism it means that you can burn more energy, which has the advantage that energy is consumed instead of being stored in your body in form of fat.

Quick note: One of the most powerful tips is fat burners for women, with these you can accelerate weight loss and if they are created with natural ingredients they are safe for you.

For that reason in this article I am not going to give you one way to improve metabolism, but I will give you several so that you can be successful in your efforts to lose weight.

5 foods to improve metabolism

coffee to kick start metabolism

There are some foods that increase the thermogenesis of your body to help you burn more calories and keep your metabolism accelerated, below I show you some of the main ones.


Coffee is one of the foods that has the most influence on metabolism, when you drink coffee almost immediately you can feel that extra energy it gives you, in addition to that you can feel your body temperature rise.

Coffee is par excellence one of the best known foods to accelerate metabolism, it is even used in many of the fat burners.

Not only that, coffee in addition to giving you energy and speeding up your metabolism also helps you control your appetite, so when you feel hungry you can always have the option of having a coffee to avoid the anxiety to eat.

Green Tea

Green tea contains a substance called theine which has thermogenic properties and is considered a natural fat burner.

Green tea contains theine with thermogenic properties and is considered a natural fat burner.

It helps you increase your body temperature so you can burn more calories in addition to burning body fat more efficiently.

Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin which is what makes you feel the sensation of itching, which is why it increases the temperature of your body by doing this, it burns a greater amount of calories.

The hotness of chili peppers is what raises your body temperature helping you burn more calories.

In addition to this, a relationship of this substance with the power to activate the immune system to fight against cancer cells has also been found.

Protein (Lean Meats)

Lean proteins (with little fat) are excellent to accelerate metabolism, since to be digested by our digestive system they require a greater use of energy than that required to process carbohydrates or fats.

Protein requires more calories to digest and makes you feel fuller longer.

Another point in favor of proteins is that they require more time to process so they will make you feel full for longer.

Some examples of low-fat protein: Whey protein isolate, chicken breast, tuna, egg white, lean pork leg, lean sirloin, tuna, salmon. Among others.


Cinnamon helps reduce insulin production when you eat sugary foods. When you eat foods high in sugar, your body tends to overproduce insulin.

Cinnamon reduces sugar production, controls appetite, and speeds up metabolism.

Cinnamon helps speed up the metabolism but in addition to this it also helps you control your appetite. Add it to your coffee to speed up your metabolism even more, or to fruit to minimize the effect of insulin.

3 ways to kick start metabolism with exercise

exercise to improve metabolism
  • Burn calories when you exercise
  • After exercising, you continue to burn more calories for 24 hours or more, this because it leaves your metabolism accelerated.
  • By having greater muscle mass, you burn more fat. For every extra pound of muscle you gain, you burn an additional 50 calories a day.

Exercise with weights

Surely you have noticed or heard that women complain that men can lose weight more quickly, this is because men have greater muscle mass.

It is also true that men have a greater chance of increasing muscle mass more easily.

Exercise with weights burns calories during training, after training and how you build muscle also when you are at rest.

But I have good news for you: there is a part of the body that women can develop almost as well as men, even sometimes they exceed them, it is the legs.

For that reason, you must work your legs intensely, in order to increase muscle mass in this part, by achieving this you will keep your metabolism accelerated by burning more calories a day.

Exercise with weights helps you burn calories in all 3 ways, during exercise, after exercise, and at rest (increased muscle mass).

Interval exercises

Interval exercises are a training session where high intensity exercise is performed for a period of time, then a recovery is performed for another period of time.

This is repeated for several cycles until the indicated routine is achieved, interval exercises have been shown to burn more fat than conventional cardiovascular exercises.

Interval exercise is one of the most efficient to increase metabolism, it keeps you accelerated for up to 24 hours.

Since with interval exercises you burn calories while you perform the routine and continue burning more calories for 24 hours or more.

Cardiovascular exercises at the same pace

Cardiovascular exercises at the same pace are excellent for burning calories, but they have the limitation of only burning them while you exercise, since they do not have the effect of continuing to burn after you finish your routine.

It is recommended that you start with this type of exercise when you are not in good physical condition and as soon as you take some condition you move to interval exercises or weights.

They are great for your health and for weight loss, but they only burn calories during training. Doesn’t speed up post workout metabolism.

The reason is that with cardiovascular exercises at the same pace, your body gets used to it and to prevent it from getting used to it you need to increase the time or distance in the case of running or cycling. Having the disadvantage that it will take a lot of time in your day.

1 way to boost your metabolism with natural products

boost your metabolism with supplements

As we saw in the first points, there are certain foods that help you speed up your metabolism. But what happens if you don’t have time to prepare them or want a greater concentration so that they work better for you?

For those cases you can count on supplements to speed up the metabolism.

The best fat burner for women.

Not only do you need a metabolism booster, you need the best fat burner designed especially for women.

Fat burners are excellent for helping your body burn more calories and burn fat accumulated in your body.

If you are looking to go beyond increasing your metabolism, then a supplement that also controls your appetite and gives you the energy you need to be able to carry out your exercise routine while burning fat will be very beneficial.

This fat burner for women helps you melt fat from your body even when you are at rest.

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boost your metabolism

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