5 Steps How to Burn Body Fat Fast

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Do you want to know how to lose weight fast?

Losing weight fast does not have to be complicated, there are even those who say it can be dangerous, however if you follow some rules and nourish yourself properly, you do not have to take risks.

Quick note: Are you looking to lose weight fast and have you already tried other methods to achieve it without success? This can help you speed up weight loss.

In this article I bring you 5 steps you can follow to lose weight fast.

1. How to burn body fat with low-carb diet

vegetables to burn body fat low fat diet

All well-balanced and nutritious diets can help you lose weight, however if you are looking to lose weight fast, low-carbohydrate diets can bring you more benefits in less time.

In a normally balanced diet for a person that requires 2,000 calories a day, it is recommended to consume approximately 220 to 320 grams of carbohydrates, this proportion being higher than fat and protein.

Low carbohydrate diets help you lose weight fast, since most of them use the accumulated fats in your body for fuel, instead of carbohydrates for energy.

In low-carbohydrate diets, these are restricted so that your body consumes as energy the fats that you have stored in your body, instead of the energy of the carbohydrates that you consume, thus turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

Low carbohydrate diets as their name say consist of consuming a low amount of carbohydrates, while proteins and fats are consumed according to the diet you follow, this is because despite being a low carbohydrate diet there are different, some of these are:

Atkins diet

This diet was created by Dr. Atkins and is one of the most popular, it even has low carbohydrate products that you can buy in some supermarkets.

In the Atkins diet, you initially consume in a very restricted way the amount of carbohydrates, almost similar to the ketogenic diet, it consists of several stages and each time you go to the next stage, you add more carbohydrates, until you reach the maintenance stage.

It was created by Dr. Atkins, it consists of several stages, the first stage being the most restrictive in carbohydrates, as one advances to the following stages, more carbohydrates are allowed.

With this diet you lose weight very quickly in the initial stages, however you must be careful not to consume excess carbohydrates in the maintenance stage because you could regain a few pounds.

In the Keto diet the amount of protein is not limited, you can practically eat until you are satisfied, this will also depend on each stage, since when you consume a greater amount of carbohydrates you will have to make some adjustments.

Basic low carb diet

This basic diet is one of the most flexible, it focuses on limiting carbohydrates from 40 grams to 100 grams per day, however it gives you the option of selecting the carbohydrates that you like the most, as long as you do not exceed your limits.

This is the most common low-carb diet, with the flexibility of choosing carbohydrates yourself from a limited list of carbohydrates, as long as you don’t go over 40 to 100 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Despite this, normally fruits are limited since with a single fruit that you consume a day you could be consuming a good amount of carbohydrates, while vegetables, you can eat them without problem as they are low in calories.The amount of fat and protein are moderate without exceeding and adjusting according to the amounts you consume of each macronutrient.

Keto diet

The ketogenic diet is very strict with carbohydrates, recommending the consumption of only 30 grams per day, while fats are 80% of the proportion and proteins are limited.

In this diet, being so restricted in carbohydrates, it stops burning sugars, as they are very low in the body and changes its source of energy to start burning the accumulated fats in the body.

The ketogenic diet has become very popular since people who eat it lose weight very quickly, since it is one of the most restrictive in carbohydrates. 80% of the food consumption in this diet is fat, this diet seeks that your body uses the fats in your body as a source of energy.

Something that is very motivating is that you start to burn fat very quickly, so you will lose weight in a short time. The disadvantage is that the food is not so varied, since by eliminating carbohydrates, your food is mainly fat and a little protein.

Low Carb Paleo

In the conventional Paleo diet the food is very similar to that of our ancestors of the Paleolithic era, you consume meats, nuts, vegetables, as well as fruits, all in their most natural and organic form possible.

Even in the paleo diet, neither flours nor cereals are consumed, since it is assumed that in the Paleolithic era these were not consumed.

It is very similar to the conventional paleo diet, with the difference that it limits high carbohydrate foods such as fruits.

Despite this, the conventional Paleo diet is not low-carb because it still consumes a high amount of sugars such as fruits, to make it low-carb, fruits are eliminated and the carbohydrates that are mainly consumed are vegetables.

2. How to burn body fat fast with exercises

exercise to burn body fat tips

The best exercises to burn fat are those that involve several muscle groups at the same time in addition to doing them with intensity.

You do not need to spend many hours doing your exercise routine, but rather do it with your maximum effort and motivation, it is not necessary that you use weights, however it could be good for you.

The exercises that I recommend are those of intervals also known as HIIT, they are called like that because they have an interval or a time where you perform the exercise at your maximum intensity and another one in which you rest or are in dynamic rest.

To burn your body fat more effectively without spending hours in the gym and doing routines in your own home, it is best to do interval exercise routines also known as HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Burn Fat

Next I share an excellent HIIT routine where you do not require any equipment to perform it, this is excellent to burn the fat from your body.

Upper Body Workout at Home

It is important that you not only do exercises to burn fat but also to tone your muscles and thus have a more slim and beautiful figure.

In order to develop beautiful shoulders, arms, back and lift your breasts, follow the following routine for your upper body. You do not need any equipment to perform this routine.

Leg Workout at Home

You must work your body completely, which is why I recommend this routine for strong and marked legs. You do not require equipment to do it.

3. Use products to lose weight faster

natural weight loss products

Want to give weight loss a boost? Then you must try the weight loss products with natural ingredients.

It is always good to have additional help especially when you have already tried different methods to lose weight and have not succeeded.

Failing to lose weight is often more linked to a lack of discipline and weak willpower.

Surely you ask yourself, what does that have to do with weight loss products? I’ll explain it below:

Weight loss products are an aid in your efforts to lose weight since if your problem is that you eat excessively there are products to control your appetite.

When your willpower and discipline are weak, you can always rely on weight loss products, they help you in different ways to avoid breaking your diet or giving you enough energy to carry out your exercise routine with great strength.

If your problem is that your metabolism is very slow, there are products that speed up metabolism, burn excess calories and accumulated fat.

There are also other products that use the fat that you have accumulated as fuel, so you will have more energy to exercise, while you burn the fat in your body.

There are also products that burn fat while you sleep, others block fat in your food, among others.

4. Plan ahead

weight loss plan ahead

When you are looking to lose weight, planning is very important, because you cannot lose weight if you improvise on a daily basis.

I give you some planning steps:

  • Choose a diet
  • Make a shopping list according to your diet
  • Always go to the supermarket after eating (Avoid cravings)
  • Make your meal plan for the entire week
  • If possible cook 3 or 5 days in advance
  • Make healthy ready-to-go snacks (fruits, protein bars, etc.)
  • Always have weight loss products in your handbag
  • Every Sunday review your plan and prepare everything in advance

Good planning and preparation is what will make the difference between your success or failure in your attempts to lose weight. If you have everything ready there will be no way for you to fail.

If you execute the previous steps you will avoid starving, you will eat nutritionally and you will avoid breaking the diet by not having everything on hand and available. Otherwise you will tend to eat junk food since it is very easy to acquire.

5. Get enough rest

You should sleep at least 8 hours a day, as this reduces your stress levels, since stress has a negative influence on your metabolism, preventing you from burning enough calories.

Sleeping will give you many advantages in your health, in addition to helping you in your metabolic processes so that you can repair your muscles and lose weight.

By not burning the necessary calories, these are stored as fat in your body, to burn more fat while you sleep you can also rely on products that burn fat 24 hours a day.

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By Linda Martínez

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