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Do you want the best healthy air fryer boneless and chicken wings?

In this article you will find the best ways to prepare your healthy chicken wings in an air fryer. Air Fried chicken wings are perfect to give as a snack and even as a meal.

You can give them at holidays, to watch your favorite games, or just when you have a craving for something crunchy and delicious. The best of all is that when you prepare them in the air fryer you avoid the excessive use of oils and prepare them in a healthy way.

To know the delicious chicken wing in air fryer recipes, continue reading:

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1. Extra crispy chicken wings (made in air fryer)

Using the air fryer helps you make your chicken wings healthier, since it cuts off the excess oil that is normally used in oil fryers. On the other hand, you will be surprised at how crispy the skin of the chicken wings will be.

With the air fryer the chicken wings will be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You must bear in mind that these wings are low in carbohydrates, but they do contain fat since to prepare them you leave the skin without stirring.

For this reason, this recipe can be easily adapted to a low-carbohydrate diet, it is very easy to prepare and in approximately 25 minutes you will have tasty and crispy wings.

To know all the steps to prepare them, you just have to watch the following video:

2. Healthy and crispy chicken wing in air fryer

If you are trying to shape your body, it is very important that you consume enough protein to properly nourish your muscles. Chicken wings have the protein you need.

This is probably the simplest chicken wings recipe you can make in an air fryer, which will help you avoid all the excess fat that you get when using a traditional deep fryer.

The ingredients used in this recipe in addition to the chicken wings are very simple, you only require garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and baking powder.

To see the simple steps you have to follow, you just have to watch the following video, so you can learn how to make crispy, delicious and healthy chicken wings.

3. Boneless anabolic parmesan garlic

If you are looking for more protein and different flavors for your chicken wings, there is no better option than boneless chicken wings.

Chicken boneless are made with chicken breast, which is why they have much more protein than traditional chicken wings.

This recipe includes a little flour to give it an extra and crunchy flavor, its amounts are minimal, but if you are eating a low carbohydrate diet it may not be the best option for you.

What you can be sure of is that for a balanced diet it has the macros you need, just make sure you take care of your portion to consume it according to your needs.

To see the realization of this recipe step by step, you just have to watch the following video:

4. Chicken wings with no extra oil

chicken wing air fryer

In this incredible and delicious recipe for chicken wings, use the same fat that they contain in the skin to cook them and they are crunchy.

For this reason it is not necessary to add additional oil, in fact it is really simple to prepare chicken wings with the use of the air fryer, it is just a matter of adding some simple ingredients and putting them to cook.

If you want the chicken wings to be extra crispy, you can add a corn breading and put a little spray oil on it, the latter is optional and if you don’t mind sacrificing a little calories in exchange for more flavor and that they are more crunchy.

View recipe here bestrecipebox.com

5. Lemon pepper wings (dry rub)

wings in air fryer

Do you want to fill your palate with a delicious taste of lemon and pepper? This recipe is what you are looking for, in the previous recipes you could already find different flavors for chicken wings, but this delicious flavor cannot be missing in your recipes.

Its preparation is very simple and with the help of the air fryer you will achieve that the chicken wings are crispy. When your family tries these chicken wings they will be delighted by their delicious taste.

You can use the seasonings shown in the recipe or even if you already have some others of your preference you can use it too.

To know all the details of the recipe you just have to click on the following link findingzest.com

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