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Do you have cholesterol problems and are you looking for natural options to control it?

You are in a good place since here you will learn how to make oatmeal water to lower cholesterol.

Oatmeal is a cereal that has many properties that benefit your health, you can eat it at any time, although preferably it is recommended to do it at breakfast.

Do you want to learn how to make oatmeal water to lose belly fat?

how to make oatmeal water to lower cholesterol

It contains minerals, amino acids, as well as a lot of fiber that gives you benefits in the intestinal tract, in addition to regulating the absorption of cholesterol and sugars from your food, which prevents them from reaching the bloodstream.

Here I tell you how to make oatmeal water to lower cholesterol:

How to Make Oatmeal Water to Lower Cholesterol

Oatmeal Water to Lower Cholesterol Ingredients


  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ cup oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

Preparation mode

To mix the ingredients well you will need to use a blender, make sure it is very clean and place the oats inside it.

Blend very well until the oatmeal should be completely powdered. Add the water and cinnamon and blend again until the ingredients are integrated.

There are people who will recommend straining the oatmeal water, but this is not required, in addition to the fact that fiber is necessary for it to perform its full function, also to regulate sugar levels.

The cinnamon it contains, in addition to giving it a delicious flavor and sweetening, also helps you level out your sugar, burns fat as it speeds up your metabolism.

How to take it?

how to drink oatmeal water to reduce cholesterol

It is recommended that you drink oatmeal water to reduce cholesterol every morning on an empty stomach, you can consider this as your breakfast, or if you wish you can accompany it with a small plate of fruit in case you are not satisfied.

You can also drink another glass of oatmeal water during the day, you can do it between meals as if it were a snack, that way you consume something nutritious and healthy, while calming your appetite.

One of the advantages that oatmeal gives you is that you stay full and not hungry for longer, which can help you stop eating foods that can make you fat and therefore harm your cholesterol levels.

In conjunction with oatmeal water, it is recommended that you consume a lot of water during the day, so that you can be well hydrated.

Benefits of oatmeal water to lower cholesterol

First let me tell you some important information about cholesterol.

What is cholesterol?

This substance has a resemblance to wax and grease. It can be found in cells throughout the body. Cholesterol (1) cannot and should not be completely eliminated from the body since it has very important functions in the production of hormones and vitamin D, as well as substances to digest the food we eat.

Our body is capable of producing all the cholesterol we need, however some of the foods we eat contain cholesterol, for example egg yolks, cheese, meat, among others.

When you have excess cholesterol in the blood, it is when it can combine with different substances to form plaques in the arteries, the plaque sticks inside the arteries and can clog them, running the risk of suffering from coronary artery disease, narrowing or blocking them .

There is the good cholesterol known as HDL and the bad LDL.

HDL stands for high-density lipoproteins. It is known as good because it transports cholesterol from different parts of the body back to the liver and there it is eliminated.

LDL stands for Low Density Lipoproteins. It is known as bad cholesterol because when it is in excess it accumulates in the form of plaque in the arteries.

Research top health benefits to reduce cholesterol

reduce cholesterol with daily oatmeal

Oatmeal by itself will not reduce cholesterol, for this you must make some changes in your eating habits, as well as perform physical activity.

It is important that you eliminate junk and ultra-processed foods from your diet, as they contain many carbohydrates, sugars, sodium and trans fats. All this together puts your health at risk.

According to studies and backed by research top health, oats contain beta-glucan (2) which helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.

Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber (3) that has the property of lowering cholesterol levels, which is why it is known to promote and improve heart health.

The health benefits of eating soluble fiber (4) is that it dissolves in water forming a gelatinous substance.

This substance makes the passage of food through the intestines slower, making you feel satisfied for longer, in addition to this it also makes the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream slower.

Another particularity that it has is that it also reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract.

If you consume 10 grams of soluble fiber a day you can help lower bad cholesterol.

But remember that the first step is to reduce the excesses in your diet and consume food in a balanced way.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I eat oatmeal without consulting my doctor to lower cholesterol?

It is always recommended to visit a health professional so that he can give you a balanced diet and recommend physical exercise that you can do. In conjunction with this, he will surely recommend oatmeal within your diet.

Does oatmeal water reduce cholesterol?

Yes, thanks to its soluble fiber, oats can help you reduce cholesterol levels, because this type of fiber helps you eliminate the bad cholesterol in your food from the digestive tract and prevent it from reaching the bloodstream.

How quickly does oatmeal lower cholesterol?

According to some studies, the consumption of oatmeal, physical activity and a healthy diet help you reduce cholesterol in 4 weeks. These results may vary depending on the complexion of the person and their habits.

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Oatmeal water before bed

Oatmeal water is very nutritious, you can definitely take it at night to replace other foods, however it is recommended to consume it in the morning for breakfast, which is the time of day when you are most active.

What can I put in oatmeal to lower cholesterol?

Preferably prepare the oatmeal naturally, without sweeteners, you can add a little fruit such as pear, apple, strawberries, among others.


Thanks to the soluble fibers that oats contain, it is how it can help you eliminate bad cholesterol in your food, this in the digestive tract, preventing it from reaching your bloodstream.

Oatmeal water can be of great help to achieve this, in addition to containing other nutrients and properties that help your health.

If you follow a balanced diet and exercise you can reduce your cholesterol in just 4 weeks. You should always consult your doctor who will recommend the diet and physical activity that you can do.

By Linda Martínez

My name is Linda Martinez. I have been working as a writer since 2014, years later I also started writing for Less Weight In Weeks. I have always been very fond of topics related to personal care and nutrition. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but I like to offer quality information. That is why over the years I have documented myself on these issues, in addition to many of them I have put them into practice to be able to comment on my experience. My articles do not replace the recommendations of health professionals, so always consult your doctor before making any changes in your eating or health habits. The information I share should not be taken as health or nutrition recommendations.

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