How to use coffee to lose belly fat

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Do you want to know how to use coffee to lose belly fat?

It is very likely that you already know that coffee is a seed that has been used for many years to prepare drinks in different ways. It has a slightly bitter taste, but at the same time it is delicious and it is one of the favorites around the world.

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how to use coffee to lose belly fat

Can coffee reduce belly fat?

Yes, coffee can help you lose belly fat because it has several properties and benefits to lose weight, some of them directly, while others are indirect.

Coffee helps you control your appetite, not only does it help you not feel hungry during the day, but with this you can avoid those hunger pangs that make you overeat and many times you end up eating junk food that far from nurturing makes you fat.

Coffee helps you speed up your metabolism so you consume more efficiently the calories of the food you eat, in addition to this if you are in a caloric deficit, that is, if you consume fewer calories than your body requires, you will be able to burn fat accumulated in your body.

On the other hand, coffee helps you stay more focused and motivated not only mentally, but also physically, which is why you will have a better performance during your physical activities.

Coffee trick to lose weight

One of the simplest but at the same time most powerful tricks of drinking coffee to lose weight is to simply drink black coffee, without adding any additional ingredients.

The reason is simple, when you add ingredients such as sugar, cream, milk, among others, what you are doing is adding calories to your drink, that decreases the possibility of burning extra calories, but on the contrary, you would be adding calories that will accumulate as fat in your body.

How to make fat burning coffee. Metabolism-boosting coffee recipe is very simple, just prepare the black coffee and your drink is ready to help you boost metabolism. Do not add any ingredients to it. If you want to add some spice to increase its flavor or increase its metabolic power, continue reading, I will tell you later.

Coffee and weight loss study

Coffee and weight loss study

Which coffee is best for belly fat loss? The answer is regular black coffee with only 2 calories every 8-ounce drink , that is to say practically nothing, that is why coffee is an excellent companion to lose weight, but not only because of its low calories but also because of its thermogenic power to accelerate the metabolism that helps you burn the energy you consume and prevent fat from accumulating.

According to the Harvard coffee study (1) it showed that drinking coffee not only has benefits to help you lose weight, but also showed that people who drink 1 to 5 cups of coffee a day lowered their risk of mortality.

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It does not matter if the coffee you drink is caffeinated or decaffeinated, regular consumption of either option reduces the overall risk of mortality.

I think this is another reason that can motivate you to drink coffee, since you can not only improve your figure, but also your health.

What to put in coffee to burn fat

Spices to add to coffee for weight loss

This is one of the questions that people ask most often, because not everyone likes to drink black coffee. Normally people use cream, sugar, sweetener or even artificial flavors.

The answer to what to put in coffee to burn fat? It’s simple! You should not add anything to it, adding additional ingredients will cause the coffee to lose some of its properties, but beyond this, you will be adding extra calories and to lose weight you must be in a caloric deficit, which is why this is opposed.

There are some species that can help you flavor without adding calories and that also help speed up your metabolism, but I will tell you about that option later.

Coffee and lemon for weight loss

If you have heard that coffee with lemon helps you lose weight, that is something that is not proven. On the one hand, coffee does have studies that prove that it can help you burn fat, but on the other hand, lemon has not been proven to have such properties.

Enzyme coffee for weight loss

An enzyme (2) is a protein that helps speed up chemical reactions in our body, for example we have digestive enzymes that help us break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates into smaller components that are amino acids, lipids and glucose respectively.

Enzymes are produced by our body naturally, but we can also obtain them externally through supplements.

When you hear about special enzyme coffee it refers to a type of enzyme in coffee that helps burn fat, coffee naturally has this enzyme, however during the roasting process and due to the temperatures that are applied this enzyme can be destroyed.

However, there are some companies that claim to have processes that prevent this from happening. But this is not completely proven, because simply by heating the coffee to prepare it, this enzyme would be destroyed.

In short, it is not 100% confirmed that this enzyme can be processed or treated properly, so brands such as “bulletproof enzyme coffee” could simply sell instant coffee, without any additional properties or benefits. More evidence is required to confirm or reject the above.

Therefore, the recommendation is that you stick to drinking black coffee so that it gives you different benefits, without adding any other ingredient.

Spices to add to coffee for weight loss

I told you that in the end I was going to tell you about an ingredient that will help you improve the flavor of the coffee even more, which also helps you improve your metabolism.

This ingredient is cinnamon, it helps to give a special touch to coffee and in half a tablespoon it only contains 10 calories, which do not bring a negative impact to your effort to lose weight. The calories it contains are mainly carbohydrates, being mostly dietary fiber.

Therefore, if you are considering using any species for your coffee, definitely the one you should always have on hand is cinnamon. Avoid using any other type of ingredient.

Best time to drink black coffee for flat tummy?

The best time to drink black coffee for a flat tummy is in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, so that your metabolism can be accelerated in a better way and your body uses the fat in your body as energy, that way it helps you eliminate accumulated fat.

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