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how to effectively lose weight tips

Looking for how effectively lose weight tips & tricks?

If you want tricks to lose weight and it is not in your plans to exercise, then this article will give you several ideas so that you can start losing weight easily.

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Read on the following lose weight tips to start losing weight today and showing off a statuesque figure in no time.

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1. Eat Less Refined Carbohydrates

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How effectively lose weight tips? You may have heard that whole grain products are better than those with white or refined flours. But do you know why this is?

This is because whole grains retain 3 parts which are the bran, the endosperm and the germ. Which contain a lot of fiber in addition to other nutrients.

Some of the whole grains can be popcorn, brown rice, you can also find them ground like whole grain cereals, integral cookies or whole grain bread.

Whole grains can be found such as wheat, oats, barley, corn, brown rice among others.

Summary: Refined carbohydrates are stripped of most nutrients and fibers during processing, so they do not nourish you and quickly turn into blood sugars.

On the other hand, refined grains are those that have had the bran and germ extracted, removing these also takes away some nutrients such as some vitamins and minerals.

This allows them to have a finer texture and to last longer in storage, but it has the disadvantage that they are no longer as nutritious and quickly convert to blood sugars.

Some examples of these are wheat flour, corn flour, white rice among others.

The main reason why you should not consume refined carbohydrates is because they reach your bloodstream very easily in the form of sugar, causing an insulin spike.

The function of insulin is to convert excess sugar in the blood into fat and this fat is the one that accumulates in your body in the parts that you already know such as the hips, abdomen, buttocks, arms, among others.

2. Eat Less Sugar

This is one of the best tricks to lose weight tips. It doesn’t matter what type of carbohydrates you consume, all of them eventually turn into sugar, however what is important is the effect they have on you.

The carbohydrates that contain fibers take time to be consumed by your digestive system, so the sugars arrive little by little in your blood.

While refined carbohydrates do not contain fiber as I mentioned in the previous point, they reach your bloodstream quickly.

Summary: Of all the types of carbohydrates, sugar is the one that reaches your bloodstream the fastest, which is why it gives you a peak of energy and triggers insulin, this causes the excess of these to be converted into fat and stored in your body.

Sugar on the other hand is part of refined carbohydrates, it reaches your bloodstream almost immediately, plus it is completely addictive.

Once you start your day consuming sugars this addiction will wake you up and you will be wanting to eat more all day.

What’s worse, most junk food contains sugar, it doesn’t matter whether it’s salty or sweet, that’s why you always want to eat more.

Try to stop eating sugars and processed food, the most important thing is to avoid it during the morning so that the rest of the day you do not have cravings and you are more alert.

Try this healthy alternative to sugar

3. Lose Weight Tips: Control Your Appetite With Supplements

Do you have trouble controlling your hunger? In that case, you should consider supplements that help you control your appetite.

Summary: If you normally overeat, hunger control supplements will help your willpower to keep you from bingeing.

Prefer that they are natural pills that do not contain chemicals that can put you at risk. There are different supplements that can help you avoid cravings for junk and sugary food.

If your willpower is low, help yourself with this supplement to control your appetite.

4. Eat Protein for Breakfast

Eating protein for breakfast will make you start a day full of energy, not only that, but the protein takes longer to be consumed by your digestive system.

This will keep you feeling full longer, plus a large serving of protein contains fewer calories than a large serving of fat or carbohydrates.

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Choose low fat protein, so you can control more of the calories you eat, for example egg whites, chicken breast, lean meat, whey protein products or a combination of these.

Summary: Protein not only makes your muscles grow but requires more energy to process by burning calories while you eat, as well as lasting longer in your stomach, making you feel full for longer, to prevent you from starving.

You can avoid eating cereals and prefer hard boiled eggs or an omelet, also avoid eating bread in the morning.

You can also accompany your protein rich breakfast with lots of vegetables for greater satisfaction.

5. Use Small Plates

If you use small plates you will not be able to put much food on it this will help you limit the portions and immediately cut the amount of calories you consume in your day.

It will also give you the impression that you are eating a lot since the plate is small and it will look like your food is quite a lot.

Summary: If you control the amount of food you eat it will be easier for you to lose weight, serving in small plates will help you moderate your food.

Just be careful not to serve yourself more than once, because if you do, you already lose all the benefits of eating a small plate.

Use this same trick in other utensils such as cups, glasses, bowls, among others.

Also be careful not to consume sugary drinks due to the effects that we saw previously of the effect of sugars in the bloodstream.

This trick is going to serve you a lot and it is so easy to implement that you can do it at your next meal.

6. Eat Healthy Snacks Between Meals

If you are one of the people who are always hungry, the best thing you can do is have healthy snacks always on hand, to avoid eating junk food.

As healthy snacks you can use fruits, berries, nuts, protein bars, any of these are healthier than consuming refined products.

Summary: When you are hungry you tend to eat junk food, to avoid it always have healthy snacks ready and on hand, which can be fruits, nuts, whey protein, protein bars, among others.

The most important thing about healthy snacks is that you have them on hand and for that you must prepare in advance, even make a list before going to the supermarket.

Once at home, prepare and separate your snacks for the week, if you are going to be in a place where you can keep them, you prefer to keep them fresh.

In case you go to a place where you have no control and you cannot have fresh snacks, in that case you prefer nuts or better still protein bars.

7. Drink Lots of Water

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Water brings you many benefits, the most important of which is to stay hydrated all the time.

Another benefit is that sometimes you can confuse thirst with hunger, it is for that reason that when you feel hungry instead of eating immediately, first drink a large glass of water.

Also when you have a large glass of water before eating, you will feel more satisfied with less food, thus avoiding consuming excess calories.

Summary: Water, in addition to keeping you hydrated, can also calm your hunger since sometimes thirst is confused with hunger. When you are hungry, first drink water, you can cut a lot of calories.

As I already mentioned in a previous point, it is important that you do not take carbohydrates, that is, juices, or sugary drinks, always drink water so that your calories are less.

If you want to give it some flavor you can have a green tea or organic coffee but without any type of sugar or sweetener, you could also add a few drops of lemon to the water.

8. Drink Black Coffee

Black coffee has many benefits on your health, the reason for consuming it black is to avoid adding calories, since otherwise you would not have all the benefits you expect.

Black coffee calms your hunger, that is why it is used in intermittent fasting as it does not contain calories.

Summary: Black coffee calms your hunger, in addition to giving you energy, for that reason it is very common to use it when fasting and to replace snacks. Try it and see how it works to prevent cravings.

Other benefits of coffee is that you can substitute a snack for a cup of black coffee, since in addition to taking away your hunger, it also gives you a lot of energy.

As if that weren’t enough, coffee is also thermogenic, which will help you burn more calories, preventing them from turning into fat and accumulating in your body.

Just be careful not to take it in the evening, because due to its amount of caffeine it is possible that it makes you sleepless.


The above tips are very simple to do, so if you propose it, today you can start doing them.

So don’t waste time and start your way to lose weight, if you don’t take action what can happen to you is to continue the same or you can even gain more weight.

But if you take action, in 30 days you will notice an improvement in your figure.

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