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Do you want to know how to boost your metabolism losing weight?

There are different ways of how to boost your woman metabolism. in this article I will compare 2 ways to do it. It involves the use of diet pills and the use of patches to lose weight.

For that reason, here you will find a comparison between 2 very good products to accelerate the metabolism, they are Raspberry Ketone Max and Slim Diet Patch.

Keep reading to know the result of this comparison:”

Raspberry Ketone Max

One of the ways of how to boost your metabolism losing weight is with Raspberry Ketone Max formula focuses on burning body fat and calories, so you can always lose weight.

This supplement not only contains raspberry ketones but its powerful formula is also composed of Green Coffee Beans, this mixture ensures that you can lose weight naturally.

raspberry ketone max 1 bottle




It focuses on burning stored calories and fat so you can lose weight




It has a very accessible price, being one of the cheapest on the market




It has very good support and online chat, telephone for follow-up and clarifications


  • Natural Weight Loss. Its content of Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Beans help you lose weight naturally.
  • Breaks fat efficiently. Raspberry ketones contain norepinephine and adiponectin, which are hormones that break down fats to burn them efficiently.
  • Increase metabolism. Helps your body burn more calories so you can lose weight fast.
  • Improves health. When you eliminate excess fat your body improves your health greatly and you stay away from diseases that can ruin your life.”


  • Speeds up metabolism to burn extra calories
  • Visible results in a few weeks
  • Increased metabolism
  • Burning calories
  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Better mood


  • Only for sale online

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Slim Diet Patch

If yo want to know how to boost your woman metabolism, this transdermal patch will help you, it releases its ingredients in a powerful way directly on your skin during the day and night, this makes it more effective than pills and that it is absorbed directly.

It contains antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids, so you can lose weight quickly and it is not invasive. If you don’t like taking pills or injections, this product is special for you!”

slim diet patch 1 pack




Being a transdermal patch, its ingredients are 95% absorbed. This absorption is superior to pills




Its price is accessible in addition to having great discounts




It has support telephone number for follow-up and clarifications


  • 95% absorption. Unlike pills that can lose their ingredients as they pass through the digestive system, the ingredients in the Slim Diet Patch will be absorbed directly into your skin with an efficacy of up to 95%.
  • No pills, no injections. It can be very annoying to take pills because you feel like you are suffocating, or it can be very painful to give yourself injections. If any of these are your cases, with these patches it will be easier for you to lose weight.
  • Made with natural plants. Do not take risks with chemicals that can alter your health, this product is made with natural plant extracts that are very effective and safe.
  • Control your weight 24 hours. You don’t have to remember to take pills throughout the day, just put on a new patch every day for the magic to happen. Now you can burn and eliminate fat from your body for 24 continuous hours.


  • Works for 24 continuous hours
  • Very easy to use and change
  • If you hate pills, it’s perfect for you
  • It doesn’t cause you stomach problems because you don’t swallow it
  • Has no side effects
  • Speed up your metabolism to burn fat
  • In a few weeks you will see results


  • They are not found in physical stores only on their website
  • In case of allergies to the ingredients you may have reactions

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Raspberry Ketone Max Unique Ingredients

Raspberry ketones. It contains 200mg of this ingredient, which is equivalent to 180 pounds of raspberry, which will help you burn the calories you consume in order to lose weight.

Green coffee beans. It contains 200mg of extract of these grains, together with raspberry ketones you can eliminate excess fat in your body. In addition to the fact that green coffee beans reduce the absorption of sugar in your body, so that you achieve your sexy figure.

Slim Diet Patch Unique Ingredients

Fucus extract. It is very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, so it will give you the results that you are looking for. One of its minerals is iodine which stimulates the thyroid, which controls the metabolism of your body, so you can burn more fat.

Acai extract. It contains fatty acids, phytosterols, and amino acids which help your body to burn fat effectively. Its Omega-3 and Omega-6 manage to burn fat in an efficient way, while the amino acids help you to a better physical recovery.

Camellia Sinensis extract. It increases the burning of calories in addition to the metabolism of fats, it also helps increase thermogenesis which increases the temperature of your body so you will burn more calories.

Side Effects

Raspberry Ketone Max Side Effects

No side effects are shown on its official website.

Slim Diet Patch Side Effects

If you have problems with your thyroid it can cause health problems as it contains iodine.

If you have an allergy to any of its ingredients, it can cause alterations.

Check with your doctor before use.

Raspberry Ketone Max vs Slim Diet Patch Side-by-Side Comparison

Forskolin250Garcinia Cambogia Extra
Shipping Free Free
Brand Popularity 3/5  3/5
Ingredient Information  4/54/5 
Increased Metabolism  4/54/5 
Burn Fat  4/5 4/5
Calorie burn  3.5/5 4/5
Appetite suppressant  0/50/5 
Fat Blocker  3.5/5 0/5
Energy with Diet  3/5 3/5
Customer Support  5/5 5/5
Overall Rating 3.3/5 3/5
Designed For Women and Men Women and Men
Return guarantee 60 days 60 days
Daily dose 1 Pill per day 1 Patch per day
Pills per bottle 30 pills 30 patchs
Bottle duration 1 Month 1 Month
Maximum Discount 33% Savings 33% Savings
Best selling package Buy 2 and Get 1 FreeBuy 2 and Get 1 Free
Payment options Online, secure payment Online, secure payment

And the winner is…

Raspberry Ketone Max

The winner of this comparison is Raspberry Ketone Max, because it has an additional benefit than Slim Diet Patch. Raspberry Ketone Max in addition to speeding up metabolism, burning fat, also blocks the formation of new fats.

However, Slim Diet Patch is also very efficient and if you don’t like taking pills, it is probably a better option for you, so you have both options so that you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

raspberry ketone max 1 bottle

Raspberry Ketone Max Burns Calories and Fat in your Body.

Raspberry Ketones in conjunction with Green Coffee Beans make a powerful formula for weight loss.

Why wait? Get Raspberry Ketone Max now!

If you want to know more about this excellent supplement to boost metabolism, I invite you to visit the full review of Raspberry Ketone Max.

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