7 Healthy Weightloss Morning Tips

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Healthy Weightloss Morning Tips

Are you looking for Healthy Weightloss Morning Tips?

How to be healthy? A successful day starts with a good morning, if you want a healthy way to lose weight, then you must start your day on the right foot.

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Follow the tips below for 7 Healthy Weightloss Morning Tips.

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1. How to be healthy sleeping 8 hours?

how to be healthy sleeping

Maybe this tip is not from the morning but from the night before, but believe me you will be grateful to sleep early the day before, when you sleep at least 8 hours a day it brings you many benefits for your body, especially your metabolism.

When you don’t get enough sleep, the first thing you think in the morning is that you don’t want to get up, you hate the world, you wake up irritable and above all you don’t want to prepare breakfast, much less do physical activity.

Sleeping for at least 8 hours a day will help your mind and body recover, decrease stress, and make your body more efficient at burning calories.

On the contrary, when you sleep enough, that is, your 8 hours a day, you wake up smiling, with energy, wanting things to happen, that will have a great impact on your entire day.

In addition to the above, your body will be recovered, full and with a lot of energy, so your metabolic processes will work in a better way, thus burning many more calories and fat.

2. Healthy weight loss weighing yourself

The worst thing you can do is fool yourself, it’s time to get off the scale and weigh yourself every morning.

I know you have read in other places that you should not weigh yourself daily, because that causes you stress, but let me tell you the truth. Weighing yourself every morning will help you a lot, since if you gained weight instead of losing weight, you will know what it was you did the day before that caused this.

By weighing yourself on an empty stomach, you will be able to know how well you ate and exercised the day before, so you can take action if you do not lose weight.

That way you can take action and avoid doing it again, it could be that you did not do physical activity or even that you ate the wrong way.

The scale is your best friend at times when your goal is to lose weight, if you have it stored and you do not use it, you might think that things are going well, when they are not.

3. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach

Surely you have read before about the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, I would like to take advantage of these lines to remind you a little about this.

When we drink water on an empty stomach we make sure that our body expels some toxins that can generate some diseases if we do not drink it.

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps us eliminate toxins, water hydrates us, improves our skin, improves our digestive system to better process food and transport nutrients.

Water helps us stay hydrated by helping our brain stay healthy, the skin stays healthy, and even the proper functioning of the kidneys so that the latter eliminates what our body does not need correctly.

In addition, it also helps the digestive tract to activate and function properly, so that it is ready to transport all nutrients to the bloodstream.

Water helps the lubrication of the joints also so that our muscles work correctly.

4. Do a short exercise routine

healthy weightloss with exercise

Once our body has had a good rest and is well hydrated, there is nothing better than a short session of exercise that activates the body in the morning.

When we get up, our body is practically empty of sugars, so when we do an exercise session what happens is that instead of taking sugars as energy, it takes the accumulated fat in our body, in this way your body becomes a fat burning machine.

It is understandable that in the morning you do not have much time to exercise, for which I recommend doing short exercise routines, lasting from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Doing a short exercise routine in the morning helps you use the fats that you have stored in your body for fuel, instead of using carbohydrates for energy.

You may think that it is very light, but if you do interval exercise routines, you will stay activated for the rest of the day and even for up to 24 hours, so all that time you will be burning fat.

You can perform cardio exercise such as running, stationary bike, rowing, you can also do exercises with dumbbells, for resistance with elastic bands, even perform exercises where you only use your own body as resistance.

5. Take a good bath

It seems logical, but it is important to mention it and it is not only so that you do not leave your house sweaty, but also because a good bath will restore vitality, and help you recover from the exercise session.

A cold bath helps your body try to regain temperature, thereby burning additional calories.

If possible and with due precautions make sure that the water is cold to a temperature that you can bear as your body will burn some additional calories trying to maintain body temperature.

Use the soap of your choice, the one that when smelling it brings you vitality. There is nothing better than starting your day with all the energy possible.

6. Eat a high protein breakfast

Here I give you double advice, first of all stay away from cereals, bread and any processed carbohydrates in the morning.

The reason is because these will give you a peak of energy but half an hour or an hour later that peak of energy will drop and now it will become a slump, for which you will start to make you sleepy and you will feel drowsy.

In addition to helping you build muscle, protein also requires more energy to be processed in your digestive system, and as it takes longer to process, you will feel fuller for longer.

Not only that, but sugary foods also elevate your cravings, so an hour after consuming it you will want more and more. That will make you have a craving for sugary foods throughout your day.

To avoid this, stay away from carbohydrates and better consume foods rich in protein, these can be eggs, or egg whites, you can accompany them with a steak, low-fat pork, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, isolated whey smoothie, among others.

7. Pack your takeout | Easy healthy food

easy healthy food

This tip can make the difference between a poor diet day and a great day. Why am I saying this? It is simple, if you do not have the food that you are going to consume during the day ready, it is very likely that you will move away from good nutrition and choose to eat foods that are not nutritious and junk.

If you do not want to fail in your effort, plan in advance and prepare your food for the week, so that every morning you can pack it or even have it already packed.

When you prepare your day and bring your own food, you will avoid going hungry, while avoiding consuming junk food that only makes you gain weight.

You must think in the morning where you will make the following meals, in order to take them ready, also have your snacks on hand, which can be from fresh and healthy fruit, to protein bars.

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