Healthy Food Recipes Easy Breakfast Ideas

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healthy food recipes easy breakfast ideas

Looking for healthy food recipes and easy breakfast ideas?

These 17 breakfast food healthy and easy to maintain your health and start your day with lots of energy.

Get to know these recipes and I hope you like them and enjoy them.

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1. 9 Healthy food recipes easy breakfast ideas

Are you already bored with the same breakfasts and are you looking for ideas to be able to have breakfast in a varied way but at the same time be healthy?

In the following video you will find 9 delicious recipes to start your day with all the energy besides being very tasty, healthy and nutritious.

  • Potato skillet 330 calories
  • Vegan breakfast 210 calories
  • Easy Blueberry muffins 120 calories
  • Crepes with fruit dessert 180 calories
  • Delicious healthy breakfast muffins 70 calories
  • Strawberries with Almond Butter sandwich 280 calories
  • Chocolate oatmeal recipe 290 calories
  • Berry smoothie 360 calories
  • Pineapple high protein smoothie 370 calories

2. 5 Breakfast food healthy and easy!

Do you want to know step by step how to prepare breakfast quickly? In the video you will find all the details for 5 recipes, 2 of which are sweet breakfast recipes and 3 delicious savory breakfast recipes.

The recipes that you will find in the video are:

  • Cocoa Granola. Ingredients: Gluten-free oats, buckwheat groats, cocoa, dried fruits, chocolate pea protein. coconut oil, agave nectar, salt.
  • Chia Pudding. Ingredients: blueberries, strawberries, chia, coconut milk, agave nectar, vanilla, granola.
  • Zucchini Fritters. Ingredients: Zucchinis, red onion, ham, eggs, arrowroot flour, coconut flour, salt, pepper.

Learn about the rest of the recipes and how to make them in the following video:

3. Mushroom hash with poached eggs

An excellent combination to start your day are mushrooms accompanied with egg, it is very easy to make this recipe, the ingredients you will need are:

Rapeseed oil, large onions, mushrooms, fresh thyme leaves, fresh tomatoes, smoked paprika, omega seed mix, plus eggs.

mushroom and eggs breakfast food healthy easy

This recipe is for 4 people to enjoy, it has a balanced amount of nutrients, so that you not only enjoy it but also maintain your good health.

It will not take you long to make it and you will be able to enjoy this recipe in the company of your family.

To know all the details of the recipe you just have to visit the following link

4. Easy and healthy breakfast burrito

breakfast food healthy burrito

Who doesn’t like burritos? Now you can make your own burrito in the comfort of your home, which in addition to having a great flavor also helps you take care of your health.

One of the changes that this burrito has to the traditional one is that instead of having a wheat flour tortilla, it is made with whole wheat flour tortilla, this makes it healthier.

Its ingredients give it an enhancement and great flavor this burrito contains: Chipotle sauce, egg, kale, cherry tomato, avocado, wholemeal tortilla wrap.

To know all the details of the recipe and make it step by step, visit this link

5. DIY Breakfast healthy protein box

breakfast box food healthy easy

If what you are looking for is a breakfast that you can eat quickly and take with you wherever you want, then this breakfast box is all you need.

It’s packed with protein and fruit so you have all the energy you need to start your morning successfully.

This breakfast box can help you save a lot of time, as well as being very quick and easy to prepare. It is advisable to have a container with separations to keep your ingredients separate and prevent them from getting wet.

This breakfast box contains: Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Diced Pineapple, hard boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, roasted almonds.

Complete recipe here

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healthy food recipes easy breakfast ideas

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