Breakfast Ideas Healthy Eggs Omelettes, Cups and Burritos.

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breakfast ideas healthy eggs

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas with eggs?

In this article you will find delicious recipes that you can prepare with eggs like omelettes so you can have a healthy breakfast.

You will find incredible ways to combine ingredients so that while being healthy they are also delicious and very fast to prepare, so you can eat nutritiously without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Keep reading to find breakfast ideas healthy eggs

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1. How to make a classic Omelette step by step

The first thing you need is a medium-sized pan that is made of Teflon to prevent the omelette from sticking to it.

One of the keys to cooking an omelette is to keep the heat low, this will allow the egg to remain with a smooth consistency, preventing it from overheating and remaining hard and dry.

To extend the life of your pan, do not use spray oil, better use coconut oil, or milk butter, in addition to taking care of your pan, it will also highlight the flavor of your omelette.

To see all the complete steps I leave you here this video on how to make a classic omelette.

2. 3 Easy breakfast ideas healthy eggs omelettes

Once you have seen the video above on how to make a classic omelette, it is time for you to try new and delicious flavors with different combinations of ingredients in your omelette.

Now you will not only eat a healthy breakfast with a high source of protein, but you will also have an explosion of flavor on your palate.

These are the omelettes that you can see step by step in the following video:

  • Mushroom + Goat Cheese Combo. Ingredients: wild mushrooms, goat cheese, olive oil, omelette base.
  • Western Omelette Combo. Ingredients: red pepper, green pepper, onion, ham, cheddar cheese.
  • Santorini Omelette Combo. Ingredients: spinach, tomato, feta cheese.

3. Breakfast ideas healthy Baked Egg Cups

If you are looking for variety using common ingredients, Baked Egg Cups are an excellent option for your breakfasts.

Simply use the ingredients that you have in your refrigerator to create incredible flavors which, in addition to enjoying them to the fullest, are also very nutritious.

Do not worry if you have prepared more than what you will consume, you can even refrigerate them or to keep them for longer you can also freeze them.

In the following video you will find some ideas for Healthy Baked Egg Cups.

Some ingredient and flavor ideas are: bacon, kale, tomato, potato, zucchini, meat, mushrooms, jalapeños, and onion.

Read Recipe here.

4. Breakfast ideas healthy eggs omelettes

breakfast ideas healthy eggs omelettes

In this healthy and delicious omelette recipe you will find excellent flavors as it is full of natural mushrooms, fresh spinach and mozzarella cheese that will make your mouth water.

In order to be healthy, it has a balanced combination of animal and vegetable ingredients as well as oils that are good for your health.

Make sure to follow the ingredients that are indicated in the following link so that they are delicious, healthy and good for you.

To learn more you just have to click on the following link, to learn step by step how to do it.

Enjoy it!

See the complete recipe here.

5. Healthy Low Carb Breakfast Burritos

breakfast ideas with eggs

Are you on a low carb diet? Don’t worry, here you will find a recipe to enjoy burritos made with eggs, which do not ask for anything from burritos prepared with normal flour tortilla (low carbohydrate tortilla is used instead).

With this burrito you have the advantage that your breakfast will be low in carbohydrates so that you can carry your diet without any setbacks and that you continue to lose weight.

However, despite being low in carbohydrate, this recipe is not recommended for keto diets, as it contains a low portion of flour to enhance and grow its delicious flavor.

This burrito is designed so that you can prepare it in advance and have it ready to heat for your breakfast, with this you can save a lot of time in your mornings.

To know all the details, click this link.


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breakfast ideas with eggs

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