Healthy Clean Eating High Protein Breakfast Ideas

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Looking for healthy breakfast ideas, clean eating high protein?

In this article you will find 11 different healthy breakfast ideas with protein with some variations so that you can have enough options to enjoy your breakfasts while you nourish yourself.

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1. 3 Healthy breakfast ideas, clean eating high in protein

Breakfast is very important to start your day so that you start with maximum motivation and energy. In this video you will find 3 breakfast ideas that contain protein.

How is it possible that you already know if you are looking to lose weight, your 3 main meals should contain protein, especially your breakfast, since in the first hours of the day is when you need the most energy.

If you want to have a successful day and make the best decisions, then you should start it on the right foot and with the best diet, in this video you will find these 3 recipes.

  • Breakfast muffins, falafel
  • Avocado wraps
  • Vegetable sandwich (+ egg)!

2. 5 Easy healthy breakfast ideas with protein

Need even more protein breakfast ideas? Don’t worry, in the following video you will find 5 more ideas to start your day in the best way with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Protein helps you repair your muscles when you do an intense training, but not only that, it also helps you control your sugar levels, as well as that your digestive system takes longer to process it, so you will be for longer without starving.

If you want to achieve a beautiful muscle tone then you should not miss trying the following 5 delicious high protein breakfast recipes.

Gain clean muscle without increasing fat.

3. Protein breakfast ideas easy blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes

Craving something sweet but nutritious and high in protein for your breakfast? If you want to please your palate but do not want to risk all the gains you have made in the gym.

Then you must try this delicious, soft and fluffy pancake, the incredible flavor that you get thanks to its natural ingredients, which are yogurt, cottage cheese, blueberries, eggs.

healthy breakfast recipes protein

Despite being high in protein, keep in mind that these pancakes are made with whole wheat flour, to add fiber, also consider that they contain sugar, however you can sweeten them with sugar substitute to save some calories.

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4. Benedict eggs with hollandaise avocado (Paleo)

protein breakfast recipes easy

This recipe can be used both for your breakfast and for your food, or both, it is full of nutritious vegetables prepared in a delicious way, giving it an extra touch with eggs, which in addition to flavor provides additional protein.

To make this recipe, the following ingredients are required:

  • Carrots
  • Sweet potato
  • Parsnip peeled and chopped
  • Beet
  • Olive oil
  • Italian seasoning
  • White vinegar
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Apple vinager
  • Coconut milk
  • Lemon
  • Water
  • Sea salt

To know all the details and the steps for its preparation visit the following link

5. Avocado toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes

avocado toast protein breakfast recipes easy

Now, if what you are looking for is a high-protein breakfast, which is not only delicious but can also be made quickly, in that case, you will love this recipe.

It will only take 5 minutes to prepare, and you don’t even need to cook something. Best of all, it contains everything you need for your breakfast or even any meal, it has very good amounts of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

It is so easy to prepare that you will surely eat it more than once a week, to make this recipe you only need:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Cheese Cabin
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Salt and pepper

To know all the details visit this link

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